1. I forgot my username and password and cannot login - what do I do?
    1. Open a Tech Connect incident by calling 1-866-944-4882


  1. Employee Sales - What has changed?
    1. New 5% discount for all credit card employee sales for both whole goods and parts orders
    2. New pricing for Friends of Toro program (employee price +10%)
    3. New eligibility rules – you can purchase more product, more often
    4. Additional security with credit card order transactions
    5. Checks or cash will no longer be accepted. The Employee Store is configured to take Credit Cards and Payroll Deduction only


  1. What products are available on the employee store? 
  1. It is Toro’s policy to provide employees (on behalf of themselves and their immediate family members) and certain retired employees the opportunity to purchase Company Consumer and Landscape Contract Equipment products intended for the maintenance and beautification of their personal property at preferential prices. All Commercial Division products and Siteworks Systems Products are excluded.  Products will be refreshed as product is available and as new product is available. The marketing team of each division is responsible for the products that are loaded on the employee store.



  1. I need help deciding what to purchase.
    1. First, view the descriptions and information provided on the site. Additional product web sites are also a good source of information, such as www.toro.com, www.lawnboy.com, www.irritrol.com. www.lawngenie.com. For additional assistance, please email: employee_parts_sales@toro.com for questions regarding parts. For questions regarding wholegoods, email employee_wg_sales@toro.com. Please allow one business day for an email response.


  1. Can I work with my local dealer to help me decide what to purchase?
    1. Please do not use your dealer for sales support, unless you choose to purchase through them. Dealers are not compensated for sales assistance for employee sales or Friends of Toro sales. Please work with your local dealer if you need warranty service. Dealers will be compensated for all warranty work.


  1. I just purchased a gas-powered lawn mower. It is not working and/or it is damaged. Who do I call?
    1. A list of servicing dealers in your area is available on the main page under Support to contact for repair. Gas products are not returnable. Your local dealer will assist you with warranty repairs and service. Toro will reimburse the dealer for all warranty repairs. Refer to the main page for a link to the Return policy.


  1. My neighbor needs a lawn mower. Can I purchase one for them under the Friends of Toro program?
    1. The Friends of Toro Program of employee sales is specifically designed for vendor relationships of The Toro Company. This could be a supplier, vendor or consultant. Contact your division controller to determine if your Friend of Toro purchase is appropriate.


  1. Why can’t we pay for product using cash or check?
    1. Payment methods using credit card are more secure than the handling of checks. Our store encrypts your credit card number as soon as it's entered. It is not un-encrypted until it reaches the bank. Technology advances has made credit card transactions a preferred standard for eCommerce sales transactions. We are offering a 5% discount as an incentive if you purchase using a credit card.


  1. Can I use my Discover credit card to make my employee sales purchase?
    1. No, at this time we are set up to take Visa, Mastercard and American Express only.


  1. I am not comfortable using my credit card number – how can I place the order without using a credit card?
    1. Most banks will issue a Visa gift card for “no charge” if you have an account at the bank. If you do not have a bank account, but want a Visa gift card, most banks will issue one for a nominal fee ($4 - $5).
    2. If your purchase is a minimum of $300, payroll deduction is another option.


  1. Can I use a Visa gift card I received?
    1. Yes. Any Visa or Mastercard gift card should work. If you can use the card at the gas pump, you can use the card on the Employee Store.
    2. Visa check cards that go directly against your checking account will also work.


  1. Can I use my debit card?
    1. The Employee Store will take debit cards that are connected to your checking account. The Employee Store will not take debit cards that require a PIN to be entered to complete the transaction.


  1. When will my credit card be charged?
    1. Your credit card will be pre-authorized at the time of processing. The charges will be invoiced to your card when the product ships from the distribution center. Please confirm with your financial institution that the pre-authorization is valid for 7-10 days.


  1. I made a mistake when I placed my order – now what do I do?
    1. An order can be cancelled if the delivery has not been created in SAP. Please contact Order Services employee_wg_sales@toro.com if you ordered a whole good or employee_parts_sales@toro.com if you ordered a part. If the delivery on the order has already processed it cannot be changed. You will need to receive the product and then utilize the established return process. Please contact Order Services employee_wg_sales@toro.com if you need to return a whole good or employee_parts_sales@toro.com if you need to return a part. Gas products are not returnable.


  1. How will I know when my product gets here?
    1. Just like today, the receiving department will call you to tell you when your wholegood product is ready for pick up. Parts orders are generally sent to you via inter-office mail.


  1. When will my product arrive?
    1. Whole goods orders will be released when product is allocated. If the wholegood product is shipped to a Toro facility, the product will arrive on a weekly Toro trailer.  Parts generally ship within 24 hours and will arrive at your site within two to five business days.


  1. What if I want my order shipped to a different location?
    1. You have the option to ship both parts and wholegoods to a non-Toro location (ex: your home). You will be responsible for all freight related charges if the order is shipped to a non-Toro location. If you purchased a whole good, order services will contact you to discuss and arrange shipping options.


  1. How does payroll deduction work?

               a. Click here to review the policy on payroll deductions. 

  1. How will I know if I am eligible to purchase more product?
    1. Log into the Employee Store and review the eligibility requirements. Then click the Your Orders tab to review what you have purchased. Eligibility will be frequently audited. Policy violations will be addressed by Human Resources.


  1. What do I do if the part number I am trying to order is not valid or I receive an error message on the part number?

a.  Most parts are available to order, however, there are some restrictions as defined by Toro.  Some parts cannot be ordered because they are part of a larger component such as a Kohler engine or a Peerless transmission.  These items are available only through those manufacturers.  Email Parts Order Services at employee_parts_sales@toro.com if you need further assistance.